You may be confused if you have never had a smartphone.There are a few phones that seem to do the same things. You may not know which iphone would be best for you.The iphone is a superior smartphone to all the industry winner. You can see some of the reasons why it is superior in the article below.

You can facilitate web browsing using your iPhone by increasing the size of your keyboard. You don’t have to go out and buy a bigger keyboard, either. … Read the rest

Are you unsure of how to add new iphone apps to your phone?

Now that you have an iPhone, getting lost is a thing of the past. The maps application comes preloaded, and it helps you determine where you are. This makes it easy to find your way home, or locate somewhere new if you have never been there before.

TIP! You need not worry about being lost when you have your iPhone. The iPhone’s maps app comes loaded onto your phone right when you
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You already aware that the iphone is an extraordinary phone. But have you figured out all the secrets that your iphone holds? The following article offers great tips will help you enjoy your iphone.

You should buy a screen to protect your iPhone. Without protection, your phone’s screen will get nicked and scratched. Just a tiny speck of dirt can scratch the screen. Be certain to always keep a protector on the screen of your iPhone.

TIP! Protect the screen of your iPhone by purchasing a protective screen. Without a
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The iphone is an incredibly popular device and for good reason. The feature of the iphone and the apps to customize it to their needs. The following tips will help you how useful and powerful the iphone can be.

The iPhone has applications to help you get to the place that you desire. The maps app is in the phone when you buy it and can let you see the location when you have service. This is great for helping you get back home or visiting a new place you … Read the rest

You may be puzzled by the many features of an iphone can do if you are among the many people who recently purchased one. Don’t let this new piece of your phone scare you! Check out the following article for tips and tricks on using your iphone to its full potential.

Use rice to dry out a wet iPhone. No matter how much care you take, your phone may slip into water, or even get rained on. Dry your iPhone with a towel as well as possible, then seal it … Read the rest

You may be confused if you have never had a smartphone.There are quite a few phones and commercials touting their features. It is hard for you to decide which smartphone really has the best for you. The iphone is clearly better than the other phone out there. You will see why it is superior in this article.

Uncooked rice can be used to help dry an iPhone that has gotten wet. At some point in time, your phone could get wet by accident. Dry your iPhone with a towel as … Read the rest

You may be clueless about what an iphone has.Do not allow yourself to get overwhelmed by this new gadget. Just read this article so you can unlock your iPhone’s power.

Once you understand how to use the volume buttons to take a picture, try taking a picture with the headphone cord. Press the button on the cord when you are ready. You won’t shake the phone and you will have a clear shot.

TIP! After you learn how to take pictures using your volume buttons, try using the headphone cord
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There is plenty of information available online that can help you use your iphone to its maximum capabilities. Keep reading and learn some terrific advice.

Whenever a new update is available for your iPhone, take the time to install it. By updating your phone regularly, you’ll ensure that you’ll have the most up to date version on the operating system, including security patches and new features. This causes you to make certain that all pictures and important data are stored elsewhere so that if your phone gets damaged, you will … Read the rest

The iphone is an incredibly popular thanks to everything it offers. The iphone has many powerful features as well as many apps that let users customize it perfectly for them. The following article will help you get more out of your iphone.

Cut down the brightness of your display to save the battery. Go to the settings to change this. Lowering your phone’s brightness will help conserve battery life.

TIP! Reduce the brightness of your iPhone screen to conserve battery power. Simply go the settings option on your iPhone and
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You might be somewhat overwhelmed if you have a regular old cell phone. There are multiple phones for sale that have similar functions. It is hard for you to decide which phone is the most to offer you. The iphone stands out there. You will see some of the reasons why in this article.

If you get your iPhone wet, try to use rice when drying it out. You should of course avoid dropping your iPhone in water. After wiping down the phone, place it into a bag that has … Read the rest