Basketball is not just a frivolous game. You could have fun playing at a park or right in your driveway. If you love basketball, take the time to read the following article to learn more about the sport.

Learn to correctly dribble the ball. When you dribble, use the fingertips, not the palm. This allows you to control the ball much better while you dribble. Avoid dribbling in front of you and only dribble to the sides of your body. Never look at the ground. Always look up.

Make sure you are dribbling the ball correctly. Don’t use your palm, but use your fingertips instead. This allows you to control the best ball control.

Crossovers are very important if you’re a ball handlers. This is when the ball back and forth from the right hand you use. You have to do this quickly to get good at it. When executed properly, crossover dribbling is a great way to quickly switch direction or move around the court in an efficient manner.

When dribbling, make sure you hold your head high and look straight ahead. Looking at your ball when you dribble indicates that you haven’t practiced enough. One of the best ways to improve your dribbling is to bring your ball along anytime you need to walk somewhere. On your way to the grocery store, practice your dribbling. If you are looking at the ball, you cannot see what is happening down the court in front of you.

Make sure to practice includes catching passes. You and your team mates will be happier if you can best complete imperfect passes.

Do not restrict your practices to zone defense plays. While a good chunk of the game will most likely be played in zone, a team can switch defenses to man-to-man quickly in order to confuse you. If you are unprepared, you may lose your grip of the game for the remainder of it.

If you have the ball a lot, learn to execute a crossover. This is when you switch hands while dribbling. That action has to be done fast to be successful. When you do it right, the crossover dribble helps you alter directions and go down the court faster.

TIP! When using the ball a lot, you must relearn a crossover. This is when the ball is moved from hand to hand.

This will involve their lower back, the lower back, and hips. A well developed core provides a center of force with their legs to be applied to faster running and jumping higher.

Good footwork remains a shot when you are posting up. You always want to beat the open spot. Once you’re in position, you have to firmly claim the area as your own. These will both require solid footwork.

In order to be a great shooter, good balance is key. Everyone has seen professional basketball players make a shot from 20 feet away as they are falling. They are merely making up the play on the spot. Point your feet towards the basket, guide the ball with your weaker hand and push the ball away with your strong hand whenever you shoot the basketball.

TIP! Your balance is an important aspect to consider when you are shooting. Many the professional player can be seen slipping out of bounds or making baskets from far away, but these are not proper techniques.

Understanding the opponent is a tough defense. Watch replays and be sure you’re paying attention to scouting reports. When you know more about the opposing team, you will be better able to play an effective defensive game. A defender that knows about defending makes a strong one.

Ask someone to take a friend to record your games so that you playing and watch it. Are you able to see missed or ways in which you could improve on? Be honest in your assessment but don’t be too harsh.

Would you like to fool the opposing team? The back pass is just the thing! To start, grab the ball using your good hand. Then you will want to pull the ball into position behind your back. Flick your wrists in the direction that it must travel. This will confuse the opposition.

TIP! Want to make the other team not know what’s going on? Back passes are a great way to confuse other players. To start, grab the ball using your good hand.

You must disrupt and upset the play of your opponents in order to be a great defensive player. Don’t let them get comfortable out there on the court. Be aggressive in the moves you execute your moves. Do not allow them call the plays that they make.

Don’t allow your feet get crossed and opposing players will have difficulty getting around you.

Hand signals can help you to stay away from making bad passes. It’s frustrating to pass to your teammate at the very moment they’re heading toward the basket. Hand signals can help you communicate with your teammate on the court. If you don’t see a signal, try to find someone else to pass to.

TIP! Avoid errant passes by using hand signals. One thing that can frustrate you when playing basketball is to try and pass while a player is trying to run to the basket.

The other team’s players will have a harder time separating the ball from you. You will need to bend somewhat for this to happen, but you will be able to traverse the court rapidly while keeping opponents at bay.

Use the non-dribbling hand that doesn’t have the ball as a block. You can’t push the person guarding you, but you should use your non-dribbling arm to protect the ball. Keep it slightly up a little bit while you dribble with your opposite hand.

Speed is one of the best virtues when playing basketball. Try playing faster than the opponents for a better advantage. To increase your quickness, you must practice playing fast while running drills. Just don’t play any faster than you’re able to. When you play too fast, you can lose control and that means turnovers.

TIP! Speed is everything in the sport of basketball. Speed always gives you an edge over your opponent.

The best way to become a better player is to talk to your teammates and know what everyone is up to. Basketball is played by a sport played by a team. This means that offense and defense doesn’t mean one on the team must work together to achieve a common goal. You all help one another out.Communicate with your team and have everyone on the same page in order to play better.

Practice a variety of shots from various spots on the court. The first thing to do is work on balance and your grip. Shooting when off-balance isn’t impossible, but it is possible. The valve can improve your grip. Put the middle of your shooting hand over the valve.

Practice looking in the opposite direction when you make a pass. This will make your actions very confusing to the other team. When you do it right, the opponents are going to think you’re moving in one direction. That way, the person you’ve given the ball to has a bit of time to look at the net to taking a shot. It’s a great play if done properly.

TIP! Practice looking in a different direction when you pass. This should befuddle your opponent.

You have ways to alter the path of your opponent is planning on taking. Whether you are playing offense or defense, controlling what the other player does is essential. This enable you to make the choices on where you need to get to without letting your opponents control you.

Whether it is a pick-up game, H.O.R.S.E. or a competition, becoming a better player will help you have more fun when you play basketball. Now that you’ve read this information, take it to the next level by putting what you’ve learned into practice. The more you know, the better your game will be.

Make layups count by taking off with the foot that is opposite to your shooting hand. What this practically means is that if your right hand is your shooting hand, you need to take off with your left foot. This gives you better balance, while keeping you poised toward the basket.

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